Friday, January 28, 2011

Online Book Club

I used to read a lot. I read all the time while I was in High School - for fun. Then I started college and had to read not-so-fun stuff. So, my fun reading became pretty non-existent. I had gotten back into the reading habit for a few months at a time ever since college...but I think I can actually say that I am a 'reader' once again (consistently)!

Although I am now a 'reader' I have never been involved in a "Book Club". Have you? I have actually read many books  that book clubs were doing, but I have never participated....until now. Well, until the first part of February! I am gong to be joining an online book club called "Bloom". (You can see their 'button' on my right sidebar - go check it out for yourselves if you are interested.) The reason for joining is because of the book they have chosen to do.....

Awhile back, I started reading the blog and loved it. Seriously. (You should go check it out as well. It's much deeper and more meaningful than my blog. I don't think she discusses the colors of her wardrobe either - Ha!)  Anyways - back to my story....I learned that the author, Ann Voskamp, has recently written a book. I hardly knew anything about the book but I went online anyway and purchased it.

After making my purchase and before I ever received it, I learned that this book club online was going to be reading her book! I'm in! (And that's the long story of me joining an online book club). I'm sure I could have told it in less words....I'll work on that for next time!

This book club will actually post videos each week for each chapter. In the videos they speak with the author about the chapters and then have some discussion about it. (I think...from what I understand about it, anyway). I am getting anxious to start reading the book - but I'm trying to hold off for a little while. I don't want to be totally done with the book before I ever see the first video!

Now...about the book. The title is One Thousand Gifts. It is a dare to live fully right where you are. Click below on the video to watch its 'trailer'.

I can't wait to start reading and joining in on the Book Club!

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