Friday, January 7, 2011


So, it is now 2011.

I know that is not new information you. But it kind of is to me. We spent the last days of 2010 and the first days of 2011 with 25 teenagers during a weekend event called EVO. This was a discipleship weekend of spiritual formation, growth and development that Nik planned for our youth and other youth groups in our church's mission area. The weekend was awesome. More about that some other time. Back to 2011.

So while other people were sitting in their homes, warm, with a fire going, wrapped up in thier Snuggies thinking about 2010 and making resolutions for 2011 - I was cooking meals, doing dishes, helping with small groups, attending worship, not sleeping get the idea! Before I knew it, the date was January 4, 2011 and I was back to work, in the normal routine of things. No long pondering thoughts in my mind! I barely even knew 2010 left and 2011 came!

But with the year of 2011 comes the unknown. And I am okay with the unknown. I have surrendered this year to God, taking each day at a time. I am praying for strength to do what He is calling us to do, guidance for the unknown territory we will cross, for perserverance when things are tough and that Nik and I will live each day intentionally for Him.

Happy New Year!

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