Friday, October 11, 2013

Random Pictures

Here are some random pictures for your viewing pleasure!

Jaxen and I
He is beginning to love taking 'selfies'!

The rest of these pictures were taken on Nik's phone...
Jaxen sitting on his high chair tray.

Jaxen loves to sit with Emilie and watch movies!

Enjoying some blueberries.

Jaxen loved him some blueberries!

This is the way Nik found Jaxen one morning, when we had to
wake him up for school...See the mohawk-hair?

A family pic!

We went to a garage sale at a friends house last weekend
and Jaxen loved this doll house!
So many fun things his size to play with!
And I did not get a picture of it...
but he kept sitting on the little pink table -
like it was made just for him!


  1. You so should have bought him that drum set! Brennen would just about die for it. I am sure Jaxen would feel the same!

    1. Ha ha! Didn't even realize the drum set was in the picture! It was already sold. Plus, there was no way that drum set was coming into my house!!!