Wednesday, October 30, 2013


We have had a few failures this week…..

Monday Night Dinner. FAIL. I made a new recipe and used a wrong (very hot) ingredient and it did not turn out! Too hot to eat. Four revisions later, it is bearable (and is what I am eating for lunch all week). Dinner = fail.

Tuesday Night Dinner. FAIL. We went outside to grill chicken and corn on the cob and the grill was out of propane. Nice try though, right? So we went to our (always) back-up: Bush’s Chicken. Dinner = fail.

Jaxens Night-Night Time. FAIL. So ever since we came back from vacation, Jaxen has not slept through the night. Seriously. I'm not even going to get into all the details...too traumatizing for me....but he went from the perfect sleeper to hardly sleeping. I actually figured this would happen (it usually does after a long trip) but I did not count on it being this long! If you remember right (like you would really remember this detail) but it was about this time last year we had so much trouble with him sleeping! What is it about the fall?! Night-Night = fail. 

Our Fish died. FAIL. This fish was given to Jaxen this past summer. I don't know if I ever shared the story on here....our neighbor had this small fish tank (for some reason) but decided to get a much larger tank. So they called me one day and asked if Jaxen needed a new night light. Weird question, I thought. They insisted I come over and get his new night light. When I got there, they gave me a fish tank (with fish in it) and a (night) light! It made me laugh! So, we had a fish. Well, three fish, actually. They slowly started to die. Now they are all dead. Fish = fail.

Something this week needs to go right, right?! Actually, the week has been pretty good.

I’m a little behind on blogging…but will catch up soon.

And until then - here are some cute pictures of Jaxen (and his cup with a straw) in his new jammies (thanks, aunt Jessie)!

And my personal favorite….

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