Friday, October 4, 2013

No Husband = No Blog

Nik has been gone this week at a conference. So I have been on 'single mom' duty the last couple of days. Thankfully, that ends tonight!

All has been well, though (being a single mom) while Nik's away. I have been cuddling Jaxen a bit more each evening (filling in for the loss of daddy-cuddles) and making sure everything is prepared ahead of time for the next day. When Nik is gone, there is no last-minute shouting through the house for him to brush Jaxens teeth, comb his hair and put on his shoes while I finish making his and my lunches before heading out the door! But I have also not done any laundry or cleaned the bathrooms or gone for walks or blogged. That is okay. I have coordinated baby-sitters and my work schedule and meals and bathtime and outside time and tickle time. Tickle time is the best!

But all that comes to a halt today! I am off this afternoon and have no plans. I say "no plans" but really, what I mean is "nothing set in stone at a set time". I plan to cook Jaxen spaghetti with meat sauce (his favorite) for dinner; go to the store and get ingredients for pumkin/chocolate muffins and pumkin bread. It is October, and the weather-man said fall is supposed to arrive tomorrow with 70 degree tempatures. Finally. So that to me, equals some baking! I would make soup for dinner if I didn't think Nik would look at me with glaring eyes. Soup is not his favorite food and there is no way he would eat it in 70 degree weather!

My other plan is to finish purging/organizing our closet. Wow. This is a task. All I wanted to do was pull out our winter wear (70 degress also says "sweaters" to me, along with "baking") but I have no room for them. So now I have to re-arrange (which Nik will probably also glare at me for! He does not like leaving town because 90% of the time he comes back and something is different!).

And that's a wrap. I'm sure I have some cute pictures of Jaxen to post - but no time.

Happy Fall Ya'll!

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