Monday, March 14, 2011

Weekend Getaway!

This past Thursday we left Temple and headed north to see our good friends, Chris and Kylee. We had such a great time! I only took a few pictures of our time together - I was too busy relaxing and having fun to worry much about 'documenting the moments'.

But here are some highlights!

Thursday: Slept in... on the road by lunch time... had a yummy dinner at Twisted Root... bowling...!

Chris and Nik - bowling

We bowled 2 games and each game added up girls/guys score. And...Kylee and I won both games! (Nik acutally won one game and Kylee actually won the other)

The 4 of us!

Friday: went on hike... ate lunch at new taco place, Fuzzys... afternoon movie... greek food... movie night...!

Baja Tacos at Fuzzys

Saturday: met up with some old friends... shopping... billards (Chris - 6 games to Nik's - 7)... home by 9pm...!

Chris D., Major, Nik, Chris S.

Kylee, Mara, Carla

Thanks Chris and Kylee for a GREAT WEEKEND!

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