Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Zane - 15 Month Check Up

Monday the entire family loaded up and went to Zane’s 15 month well check appointment.
He is almost 16 months…but this is when his appointment was scheduled.

Current weight: 21.13 lbs.
Current height: 34.5 in.

This puts him in the 11th percentile for weight and 22nd percentile for height.
He is a little small…which is funny for how big he was when he was born…
but he is perfect!

We talked through all the normal well check stuff…
food, poop, pee, sleep, play…and all is well.

He is a happy, healthy, growing boy!

I did have concern over a few spots on his legs that were infected.
So she looked them over, recommended and antibiotic cream
and ordered us a new antibiotic to take for 10 days.
And already, after 2 doses…his legs are looking much better!

He was due for a couple of shots…but because those spots on his legs were very near
where the shots would go, we opted out of shots yesterday.
Once his legs clear up and he is healthy for awhile, I will reschedule the shots.
That made for a happy boy!

After our appointment we did a few errands, window-shopped, ate lunch
and found a school playground near where we were.
We let the boys run around and play for awhile.
And they had a good time.

And yes, Jaxen was there - but it’s honestly hard to get pictures of Jaxen at his age - ha!
Here are a few I captured.
Jaxen was having a great time having Nik ‘wind’ him up,
and then letting him ‘fly’ 

And because you know I love comparisons of my boys…here you go!
Jaxen left (15 months) / Zane right (almost 16 months)

Jaxen’s weight: 24 pounds / height: 32 inches

I think they must have changed the way they keep percentiles in the past 4 years,
because Jaxen was always 50-70 percentile on charts…
but Zane is taller than he was at that time, and only weighs 2 pounds less.

So…Zane is not really as small as I think!
However, I have met a few babies (9 months - 1 year) who are bigger than Zane!

I just love these two boys of mine!

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