Saturday, August 5, 2017

While Nik is Away…We Play!

This past week Nik has been gone for Sr. High Camp. He left Monday around noon. While Nik is gone, things are a bit more relaxed around the house. I try to have lots of fun, I like to wear the kids out, I don’t pick up the toys everyday, and I am bad at cooking actual “meals”.

So here is a look into our week…

Monday - we went blueberry picking! 
Well...Jaxen, Russell and I went. 
We picked almost 6 pounds I think, and had fun doing it. 
Jaxen was a big help in picking them (although he would not eat them) 
and this was Russell’s first time ever picking.

We ended the day with swimming and hot dogs!

Tuesday - we were at the beach by 12pm and stayed most of the afternoon. 
We were supposed to meet one friend there, and ended up seeing a lot of people we knew. 
Which meant, my boys had a great time!

Later we had dinner with Kay and Russell and the boys enjoyed blowing bubbles.

Wednesday - I had plans to spend the day with a friend, but that did not work out. 
So we had a relaxing day at home. 
We played a lot outside in the morning, watched a lot of tv in the afternoon and 
I got 12 small loafs of zucchini bread made (and now in the freezer).

Thursday - We spent the morning outside!

and the afternoon at a friends pool!

It was 6pm by the time we made it home and so I picked pizza up, 
we set up a towel in the living room and had a pizza picnic! 

Friday - I needed to feel like a real person so I showered, fixed my hair, 
put on a bit of make up and put on “real” clothes. 
I got the boys ready to go and we made the trek to Target. 
I had a return to make and picked up a few essentials. 
Afterward, I treated the boys to lunch at Wendy’s and then we headed home. 
They both napped in the car and it was a nice few hours out!

Later that afternoon Jaxen and I helped out at our church. 
We were hosting a food pantry for the community and had a great time working it…
through the sunshine and pouring rain!

It was a good week, overall, even with Nik being gone. 
But, I’m sure glad it’s Saturday and I’m sure glad he returns today!

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